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About Us

In this line of work, there is always one company that stands out and M Squared is that company.  We establish strong relationships with our clients and pride ourselves in our ability to execute what our clients need. M Squared Management has a diverse network of attractive, intelligent, motivated, and well trained brand staffers to support your staffing needs. We specialize in collaborative launch events, live campaigns and merchandise demonstrations. Whatever form your promotional activation comes in, M Squared Management has the assets and expertise to make it a special event. Our 10+ years of service excellence goes well beyond presenting the right talent for your brands. Behind the scenes, you can count on M Squared for a smooth start-to-finish process, managed by our experienced Account Managers and Team Leads. We are involved in all personnel interviews, training & reporting and submit timely and accurate invoicing.


With an average tenure of 3+ years and an industry-leading 97% placement success rate, our database of thousands of SQUARED teamers are not just names in our database. They’re thoroughly vetted, talented individuals who are passionate about working for us and dedicated to the brands they represent.


M Squared Management carries a two (2) million-dollar comprehensive general liability insurance policy that protects every client we work with. It is very rare for most agencies to provide this kind of protection because of the significant expense. We believe it is important to protect our customers, and this is just one of the ways we do that. This protection is included in our agency fee and strengthens our commitment to you.

Booking your staffing needs with M Squared Management does not have to come at high cost! We will customize a budget specifically tailored to work within your budget. We do not only work with set pricing, we customize rates based on your needs and requirements. M Squared Management will work to meet your budget and provide creative solutions to make your event come to life.

Co-Owners Michael Cafarelli and Marcus Stapleton Jr. believe that it is beneficial to balance a diligent work ethic with a healthy sense of humor. Since the inception of M Squared Management, the two have focused on developing M Squared Management into a leader in the Talent Placement and Promotional Event Management fields, known for their hands-on approach, offering customized experiences with unparalleled service.

The market area is intensely distinct, making it difficult to choose a company that can enhance your brand, fortunately M Squared Management is your partner in the industry. Our team of dedicated staff has the knowledge and experience to secure you the best team of brand talent for your campaign needs. Our dynamic team of professionals will target the appropriate audiences and promote your brand efficiently. We are fully operational year round to meet the demands of our clients.

Contact us today for more information; 917.567.0675  info@msquaredmgmt.com

What do you get with M Squared Management Talent?

  The Best Talent
  Anywhere, Anytime
  Worry Free
  True 24/7 Support
  2 Million Dollar Insurance
  Top of the Line Technology
  Social Media Activity


Click to download our portfolio if you are interested in learning more about the capabilities of Msquared. Or click here to learn more about us and how we can help you with all your future staffing needs!


M Squared Management LLC
16 Carolina Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11550
Office: 917.567.0675
Fax: 516.640.4942

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Phone: 917.567.0675
Fax: 516.640.4942

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