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Merilyn L.

Los angeles , CA
Profile Updated: 4/11/2018

"I am an extremely hard worker and enjoy interacting with people in the field. I have a lot of experience as a brand ambassador and can bring my experienced work ethic to benefit your Team!"
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Height: 5' 5''
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Promotional Interests & Experience in

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors (commonly referred to as “BA’s”) is a term that covers all types of event staff including street teams, promotional staff, event staff, hosts and hostess.
Brand Ambassadors are the people on the front lines at your event, engaging and entertaining your consumer on the benefits of your brand or service. Common traits of any great Brand Ambassador include being easy to talk to, out-going, friendly and adaptable.
Our BA’s are thoroughly trained on the important universal rules that apply to all Brand Ambassadors, no matter what brand they are promoting.
Below is a list of various roles that can be performed by our Brand Ambassadors.

  • Engaging and enrolling consumers face-to-face 
  • Generating a positive responsive correlation with your product

Guerrilla Marketer | Street Teamer

Guerilla Marketing is a unique grassroots effort that takes a special type of Brand Ambassador to implement. These individuals need to be highly engaging, enthusiastic, and willing to take risks to get their clients the exposure they desire. Whether in rain or snow, M Squared Mgmt can contract guerilla marketers that can help you meet your campaign goals. The M Squared Mgmt team can work with each client to identify objectives then staff the appropriate Brand Ambassadors to see it through. With our number of years in the industry we have the knowledge and experience to help make these programs a success and our staff is ready to tackle the obstacles that come with Guerilla Marketing while at the same time maintaining your company image and overall brand messaging.

Product Sampler

The SQUARED Product Sampler will learn your brands key messaging points about the product and use that informatio to interact and promote your brands product like a "Specialists".  Their onsite energy and interaction ability with consumers will surely be positive for your brands product community awareness.

Shop Keeper (Pop-Up Store)

Shop Keeper is a Brand Model and/or Promotional Model that specializes in dealing with the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of the Pop-Up store world. These SQUARED staffers will embody your brand with energy and enthusiasm as they bond & engage with your brick and mortar consumers.  Below is a list of various roles that can be performed by our SQUARED Shop Keepers. 

  • Opening & Closing of brick and mortar
  • Engaging with consumers face-to-face
  • Generating a positive responsive correlation with your product 
  • Validating and testing your product while generating leads and sales
  • POS exeperienced
  • And Much, much more...

Event Manager

Are you seeking experienced brand staffers to execute the role of Field/Event Market Managers? M Squared Mgmt prides itself on delivering exceptional talent across the United States that are ready to meet your organization’s needs. Our Field/Event Market Managers promote the development and implementation of any brand’s campaign, ensuring your goals and objectives are met efficiently and effectively. Rest assure that our Market/Event Managers will oversee the needed teams of brand staffers, organize package details, implement general campaign oversight, and/or provide project design and layout with years of proficiency and reputations that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Promotional Model

A Promotional Model is hired to promote and demonstrate a brands product by way of direct contact with potential customers. The word ‘Model’ really throws people for a loop, and for good reason. You don’t have to be a professional model like Gisele to be a Promotional Model.
When you hire M Squared Mgmt to provide you Promotional Models, it just means that you are requesting a more specific type of person.
For example, if “Client X” calls and says they need six 6-foot tall, green-eyed athletic females to help promote a health food product; that is a much different request than asking for 6 enthusiastic people to go out and promote their brand. Our staffing prerequisites for “Client X” will be as follows:

  1. Female candidates MUST be at least 6 feet tall
  2. Female candidates MUST have green eyes
  3. Female candidates MUST be athletic

Since it takes any event-staffing agency longer to find six people that fit these physical requirements they would fall under the “Promotional Models” category.
For these types of events, staff usually need to fulfill certain physical requirements in order to fit into the pre-made uniforms that the brand is providing. A majority of Promotional Models, incline to be commonly attractive in physical appearance with a variety of experience in Trade Shows, Fashion Show & Fit Modeling events.

The general rule is this: ALL Promotional Models are Brand Ambassadors & Brand Models BUT NOT ALL Brand Ambassadors & Brand Models are Promotional Model.

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